ICE Awards- The story Unfolds

About ICE Awards – The story Unfolds

“By words we learn thoughts, and by thoughts we learn life.” – Jean Baptiste Girard

And it is words that help bring people together in any kind of organization.

At Shailaja Nair Foundation, we realise the importance of keeping people connected on a personal and tangible level. We have always valued the art of written communication and the role the print media plays in bringing together the employer, employee and their respective families. The most important tool for this is an in-house magazine, in print.

An in-house magazine is created by dedicated individuals within the organization who devote their time and energy to create this tool for connectivity, which often goes unrecognized. The Shailaja Nair Foundation instituted the ICE (In-house Communication Excellence) Awards in 2009 to provide these individuals a platform for recognition and to honor the best talent and creativity in in-house magazines. It is now in its fifth successful year, thanks to the enthusiastic support we received from the creators of these magazines and veterans in the form of our Governing Council and Jury members. In-house journals in any language and from any part of the world are welcome to participate. ICE Awards has been attracting increasing entries over the years and we had to take stock of about 700 good in-house magazines last year.

A clear sign of our growth is the participation of ZEE Business and UTV Bloomberg as our media partners.

Shailaja Nair Foundation aims to make ICE Awards bigger and better with each passing year and a name to reckon with amongst organizations and corporates. ICE Awards is now among the most coveted awards in the corporate world.

In the last four years, it has inspired and motivated several journals to improve their quality and reach. Corporate heads began taking more personal interest in their in-house magazines. All this is evident in the entries this year. We are confident that these awards will encourage more organizations to produce in-house magazines, thereby strengthening the ties between people, even in today